SoCS: D’oh…

D’oh… I forgot to write the Saturday SoC blog post!

I have been very excited and happy. I may have talked about a new volunteer gig that came from a seminar I took called “Bridges Out of Poverty”. The program I was already volunteering in sent us to the seminar covering the cost for us.

Earlier this month we all met for the first time over dinner which volunteers make for us.  There are ‘leaders’: the young people who have been raised in poverty and have taken a course to get them in this program. They call them ‘leaders’ because they are leading their families out of poverty.  They are set up with ‘allies’ who are older people able to give them guidance and encouragement. Help them with things life throws at you.

Friday I was asked to be an ally. I knew this girl as a teenager and I knew her mom who died of a drug overdose just a few months ago. When I saw her at the first dinner I knew…… on Friday it was confirmed.

So Saturday morning I wrote to some friends because I was so excited and missed the SoCS.

This is truly an amazing program. The book that started it all is “Bridges Out of Poverty”.   Here in Canada its called “Circles”. In the USA the program is called ‘Bridges’. We meet once a week for dinner and it costs nothing; no dough. Just being there is great because the people you are with are all there because they want to help. You could volunteer just to cook and have dinner with everyone or babysit while leaders talk to their allies.


Woke up to snow this morning…… D’oh crap.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dough/d’oh.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!


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