SoCS; electricity

Electricity. Like our health, we forget how important it is until we don’t have it. When our power goes at night I miss my TV so much. When you live with another person you can play a game or…. do something else. But living alone…. OMG how long can you read or do a crossword with a little tiny light?

Luckily, I have a wood stove. How fast does a place get cold when the furnace shuts off? FAST! I would have to sleep on my couch in a sleeping bag because my bedroom stays so cold all day that I need an electric blanket to warm it up. Without an electric blanket, I couldn’t get in that bed.

I often compare electricity to God. You can’t see electricity but you can sure see the effects of it. Luckily we all believe in electricity so it works.

I remember being very young and looking at the empty socket in a string of Christmas lights….. so I stuck my finger in it. Holy Moly, I’ll never forget what that feels like.

My mother was severely electrocuted. We had steel cupboards, which was the newest thing back in the early ’60’s. One day my mom went to open the fridge while still holding a handle of the cupboard and made a connection. I remember coming home from school and our neighbour ran out to tell me my mom was at her place, resting on the couch, lucky to be alive. I think steel cupboards did not catch on for that very reason.

Yesterday I got my electric bill or ‘Hydro’ as we call it here; a throw back from when all our electricity came from Niagara Falls. Now it comes mainly from nuclear fusion (or something nuclear) but they are a lot of windmills around here because we are by Lake Huron.

Electricity…. I love it!


5 thoughts on “SoCS; electricity

  1. I continue to be amazed by how much we depend on electricity, and my ongoing stupidity when the power goes out. Like Oh no! I was streaming that show on my main computer and the electricity is off. Guess I’ll have to fire up the laptop. :::pause::: Doh!

  2. We have gas heat, but everything else (including the air conditioning, a sine qua non for living in the South) is electric (for that matter, the thermostat, which creates the spark that makes the gas catch fire and heat the house, is electric/electronic). Knock wood, we haven’t had that many power outages, and the ones we have had haven’t lasted too long. In some parts of town people have gone days without electricity after a thunderstorm or an ice storm.

    The electric company just brought a new nuke online, so we’re doing well here in Georgia…

  3. Being in the foothills and surrounded by trees upon trees upon trees, our power goes out often. We have a generator but are very judicious with its use just in case power is out for an extended period. We have a well, so no power means no water means no toilets. Yuck.

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