SoCS: a bash

Well now, I always knew the word ‘unabashedly’ so it stands to reason there would be an abash.  OOhhhh, according to the ABC check there isn’t but I cheated and looked it up in the dictionary.

Nah, I’m not going to use it. I’m no Charlotte Bronte; (“He had never blushed in his life; no humiliation could abash him.”) That was in my dictionary.

I would love to have a bash at my home. I have tried and failed. My friends all live far away. Sometimes we have a reunion and I’ve tried to have it here but apparently my place is too far away. They need to go the other way to Muskoka or stay in Toronto.

Its true; I do live in the land time forgot but you can make noise and party all night with no complaints. We even get fireworks happening on any given summer night.

I feel bad I’ve been neglecting my blog friends. Recently I found an old friend on Facebook and since then we have been writing almost everyday. It’s really cut into my writing time in the morning. And its given me someone to talk to besides you guys!

My exercise class was succesful and I started a new volunteer position in Circles. This is a program to help people who have been raised in poverty break the cycle. We met for dinner for the first time just to meet each other. “Wow” is all I can say right now. It was wonderful being in a room where everyone is there because they care about others and want to help.

I’ll write about it another day. I’ve already written to my friend this morning so now I want to get off this thing and get down to the sunny side of the house.

A little taste of spring today….. I am going out on the trail.


2 thoughts on “SoCS: a bash

  1. I did the same process. My mind immediately went to “unabashedly” which I’ve heard and even used. Then, like you, I wondered that there surely must also be an abash, and looked it up. I had to sit out the SoCS this week, especially with a word that could be angry and a tad violent, thanks to the news I posted about the Gulag of NH. I would have been bashing things and folks all over. 🙂

  2. It WAS a pretty nice day yesterday, wasn’t it? Too bad today (and last night) had to ruin it. 😛 Congrats on finding an old friend you can talk to! What a wonderful feeling that is. 😀

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