RDP: trial?

Canada and the USA both had damning testimonies the same day Trump was negotiating with Kim J U.  It was a big day for news.

Of course everyone in the world probably knows what Cohen said about Trump being a con-man, liar and racist but we all knew that. It was just so good to hear it from his lawyer under oath.

And then Kim J U walks out of negotiations. Big news for sure!

How many people in the USA know about what happened in Canada that day? We had been waiting for weeks for the testimony of Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada.

She said she had been unduly pressured by Trudeau and his government to find a way to help a corporation skirt around the law. For a couple of weeks she said she could not comment until she testified. They covered the story everyday saying she couldn’t comment so we were all waiting, anticipating….

Finally her testimony was on the same day as Cohen’s testimony. Similar to Cohen’s, it was damning. She testified she was pressured to find a way out of prosecuting this big, international corporation with headquarters in Montreal. When she stood up for doing what she felt was right, she was removed from her job.

In her testimony she talked about the values she was brought up with being a First Nations Matriarch. Trudeau is big on feminism and reconciliation so this was a huge blow to his character.

Here a link for the whole story if you are interested:


This was so disappointing. We liberals and left-wingers are slinking back into a corner in fetal position. Unlike Cohen’s testimony, where we were laughing, clapping and looking forward to Trevor Noah’s take on it, this was sombre, serious and sad.

So: our two nations are shaken up by testimonies that could lead to trial for both our leaders. We will hear about the USA everyday, I wonder how much the rest of the world will hear about Canada.

With Cohen calling out Trump and Kim J U walking out of negotiations on the same day; I can see how we could slip by unnoticed.

Now we are not so smug.