SoCS; television

I love television. I watch a lot of television and I’m not ashamed of it. Oh yeah, I know all you television-shaming people saying how it’s all stupid, you should only read books……

I know, I know; sitting and reading and having to use your imagination to produce the pictures and motion is good for your brain. Find and dandy, but there are lots of activities that are good for your brain, too.  Like jigsaw puzzles while listening to podcasts. or crossword puzzles. or learning a new dance.

It’s true; there is a lot of stupid stuff on TV but nobody’s making you watch it. However, sometimes stupid stuff is just what you want. A safe place to scoff at idiots. But there are also a lot of documentaries, science shows and biographies that I would never think of looking up. I watch a lot of smart stuff!

I have been a movie fan ever since babysitting days.  Back in the olden days you could only watch a classic movie at 11:30 p.m., after the news. I watched a lot of old movies waiting for parents to come home.  Later in life it was Elwe Yost and Saturday Night at the Movies on TVO. no commercials!!

Now Turner Classic Movies is my default, go-to channel (right after the Weather Channel).  These movies are every bit as important as books. I think of the number of people who pulled together to make this production, the fashion, the jargon of the day, so much fit into two hours. There are movies I could watch again and again.

I admit you have to pay big bucks to get good stuff and I do. I want HBO and Hollywood Suite (more movies). Then I had to get a whole other thing to set up Netflix. That thingamajig got me YouTube in my living room. Yesterday I watched 6 or 7 ‘how to make dog coats’ for a sewing project I have.

OH yeah, I love television.