RDP: cottage

The house I live in would better be described as a winterized cottage. (WordPress doesn’t recognize ‘winterized’: it must be a Canadian thing) It was built over and around a trailer. Some of the older locals still call it “The Trailer” although it hasn’t been one for over 30 years.

There is no basement, its built on cement blocks, which is a blessing as my neighbours basement floods every spring. My  neighbours aren’t beside me, they are in front of me, my driveway is a right-of-way through their driveway. With no dug foundation and not being on the road, my property taxes are very low.

Years ago I was staying at my sister’s on a visit and my niece’s boyfriend was living with them. At that time I was married and lived a couple of hours drive away so I would visit my sister and stay over every once in a while.  That’s when I met J’s boyfriend: He was going to college and had just bought a piece of property with a trailer on it. He and his dad were stripping it down and building a house.

They broke up but got back together and moved into this house. One day I visited while he was starting the foundation for a shed. There was a poured cement foundation and he was building a short wall with granite stones. We smoked a joint and I admired his work. (I love cement)

I think about that almost every time I go into the shed or trim the weeds so the stones aren’t covered. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that this would one day be my shed; that this house would one day be my house.

They had lived here a long time, maybe 10 years or more when my marriage broke up. My niece was ready for a regular house in a town and not be so isolated; I was waiting for my settlement and thinking how perfect this isolated cottage would be for me. This area was much cheaper than where I was from and we had 2½ acres on a river so I was able to buy this place in full; no mortgage. (My ex re-mortgaged our home to buy me out; he still has a mortgage.)

There are so many things about this house that are so perfect for me it’s like it was build for me. I’ll stay here as long as I can look after it or have to give up driving…. whichever comes first.  Then I will sell it as a cottage: it would be a great cottage!

Funny story: a year or so after I moved here I was at a neighbours party. Someone (who was quite drunk) asked me where I lived and I told them. He said, “No! Some old lady bought it off the little girl.”

“Yea, I’m the old lady and the little girl is my niece”

Isn’t life funny?



3 thoughts on “RDP: cottage

  1. Sounds like a fine home. We use winterized in the US, too. WordPress has all manner of strange vocabulary oddities. Pingback gets me routinely, as its their concept and technique for linking things, and yet every time I type the word in the directions for a prompt, it tries to edit it out. Go Old Ladies!

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