RDP: pod, Podcasts!

Spotify costs me $10 a month but it is worth every penny. One reason I joined up is because when I left a 28 year marriage, I left 28 years of collected music. I had a collection of CDs I had made over the years and a cheap CD player when I first moved here.

Then came iTunes where I could buy 1 song and have it on my computer.

Then there was Spotify. I tried the free version, which is pretty good, but went to the premium so I could get all those years of music back. And new stuff I would never know about. Its fantastic!  If I hear a song I like on TV I just go get it at Spotify.

I could go on about the wonders of Spotify but the subject is podcasts. Thanks to Spotify I discovered a whole world of podcasts.

Like many millions of people I love true crime stories. There is an endless amount of true crime podcasts. So many that I’m still listening to Canadian True Crime podcasts.

But I also love Classic Short Stories.  Philip K. Dick is a favourite, but Jack London and so many others have written some great short stories. There are novellas in series.  Bronte, Kafka……  an endless supply of classic literature.

And ‘Lore’, ‘Myths and Legends’…… podcasts with every traditional myth, legend and folklore galore.

Conspiracy Theories is a good one. The Illuminati, Chem Trails; all facts and theories laid out.

They are great to listen to while doing housework and sewing. Jigsaw puzzles season is coming up. Last puzzle season I had just discovered the podcasts. Good combination.

What is puzzle season? you may ask.  At this time of year the sun doesn’t make it above a row of cedars that line my driveway. But by the end of January it is slowly getting above the trees in the afternoon and hitting my couch. This is when I bring out my puzzle board that perches on an end table so I can place myself in direct sunlight.

This year had been particularly dismal. We’ve had mostly wet, cloudy days; no snow and no sun. Its been so dark and dreary; good thing I have my Christmas tree to light up the gloom.

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year…. YAY! Soon the sun will make its way up over the cedars and I’ll be enjoying puzzle/ podcast season.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being retired? This time last year I was counting the days and didn’t even know about podcasts. People kept telling me I would get bored and go back to work. OMG, NFW!




5 thoughts on “RDP: pod, Podcasts!

  1. I haven’t found many podcasts I can get into. I’ll have to take a more “shot in the dark” approach, just grab a couple at random and see if I can find anything. Glad retirement suits you well.

  2. I listen to books on Audible – I’m addicted! I’m off tomorrow to buy a new Christmas jigsaw puzzle. These winter days are the best time to do them! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! ~Elle

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