SoCS: hairy


Hairy arms have bothered me since my adolescent days. They are (were) quite hairy. Not only hairy but long. I think that happened when my mom suggested I trim them and bleach them so they wouldn’t be so ….. hairy. After that they grew longer and longer every time.

In my early twenties when I was all hippy and hairy and didn’t shave, I still trimmed them. I joked I had arm hair like Roger Daltrey. ( I will look for a photo at the end and stick it in here) It would actually blow in a breeze.

(Hmm, I wonder if he removed chest hair)

I did start shaving again eventually. Got tired of the way people looked at me after looking at my legs. But only in the summer. Same with arm pits but with the occasional shave when they get too unruly and sweaty.

But my arms. I still do my arms using Nair. Then they get a stubble, which is even worse than natural arm hair, so I do it again. Did it all the time I was working the bakery because I rolled up my sleeves. Still do for exercise class.  Maybe I can grow it out during the holidays.

One good thing about getting older is that most of your body hair rubs off, like the way Ken dolls hair used to rub off. Its much lighter and finer and when you are my age no one looks anyway.

I feel sorry for men now it’s not cool to be hairy. Holy Smoke, the whole body. OMG. and stubble after one day. And they get waxed!

That’s another thing. Women get their pubes waxed now. I’m so glad I’m not young anymore.

I hope, for future generation’s sake, that people will collectively admit that they have body hair.

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