SoCS: ma

Maybe I’ll put out some Christmas decorations. I do have some white lights outside and replaced the fall leaves and pumpkins (broken pumpkin lights) on top of my cupboards with a pine bough. But that’s winter decoration.

I’ve been putting off Christmas decorating until at least Dec. 1 but now it’s here. Christmas is getting earlier and earlier. And its all due to marketing. There’s lots of money to be made so lets milk every penny and max every credit card out of the masses.

I’m going to a Christmas party today at the nursing home. This is way too soon. A family Christmas on Dec. 1.  Many of them will think Christmas is today! Maybe that’s the idea. They could have had it a little closer to Christmas, though.

Mark your calendars, Dec. 6 is my first exercise class. Its called Low Impact Dance exercise. I practice it most mornings and have it memorized. I realize you are all too far away to make it.

That’s the main thing I like about all my friends here; you’re all far away!


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