SoCS: roll/ role

“Roll out the barrel! We’ll have a barrel of fun!”   Sorry, it stream of consciousness and that’s what came to mind. My Dad used to play the piano for a bunch of guys and I remember them practicing this song at our house.

Maybe it was easier to have fun in those days….. standing around a piano singing “…. we’ll have a barrel of fun!” 

I roll with the punches. Not one to plan or scheme how to make things go my way…. I wait until things come up and deal with them as best I can. It’s not the best way to live but its my way. That’s the way I play chess…… just defensively because I can’t strategize a plan of attack. Can’t or don’t want to. Definitely didn’t plan for a career when I was young.

I didn’t have good role models for that. “get married to someone with money” was the advice from my mom. Don’t remember any advice from my Dad. They fought a lot.  ‘Nuff said about that. I still loved them; they were cool and not your typical parents. They promoted music and a sense humour, great things to have in life.

Well….. I guess that’s it for roll/ role. I’m going to extend my birthday for another day and just hang out with myself. Let the day just roll by…..


3 thoughts on “SoCS: roll/ role

  1. Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun
    Roll out the barrel, we’ve got the blues on the run
    Zing boom tararrel, ring out a song of good cheer
    Now’s the time to roll the barrel, for the gang’s all here!

    Happy birthday!

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