RDP: Snooze Day

What a funny word; snooze. It sounds like what it is; slip into unconsciousness for a short amount of time. You have to catch it at just the right time, that moment in the afternoon where torpor sets in, that lull when your eyes try to close involuntarily.

If you are at (or going into work) you must have a coffee or sugar fix to make it through the next stretch. I would try to have a snooze before I went in for the afternoon/ night shift but it was too early.

This post is already a snooze. That’s mainly why I haven’t posted lately. Not in a chatty state of mind; I got nuttin’ to say. Sometimes I start a post then think it’s so boring I wouldn’t read it, so I delete it.

Today is my birthday! I’m 66. Snoozing is certainly on my agenda for today. Still reveling in the fact that I’m retired and can do this. I made the mistake of saying I was going to watch a lot of TV today.  Woke up to sticky snow, the kind that sticks to your satellite dish. Yes, the red light is on and its going to snow all day.

Hooray for the internet and Netflix. (oh, oh, knock on wood….. the electricity better stay on.)

My ex visited me again. He cleaned my chimney and my rain gutters, bought me 3 beautiful throw rugs and this⇓ which I love more than all the rugs put together!


Yep, it sure is nice. Don’t think I would have got a damn thing if we were still married! I was reminded of how great it is to have my own life and not be with him. He would get so mad if he caught me having a snooze: “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?!”

Yeah, Baby, having a snooze.

Marijuana is legal here now. I still can hardly believe it, it’s so wonderful. I got a special treat for my birthday and it doesn’t even matter if I get caught! It’s my birthday, I’m retired, it’s a snow day……. I may even have two snoozes!



3 thoughts on “RDP: Snooze Day

  1. Happy birthday and enjoy the joint. I can even get tablets officially for my MS with cannabis, but have not yet needed them. I once had a plant in the garden, no 3 or 4, but being a non smoker I did not bother, although my teenage son at the time did give me instructions on how to do it, but that was many years ago

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