SoCS; defoliated

It’s the autumnal equinox today. So flower/ flour would mean its time to dig up flowers I want to move and make an apple pie making pastry from scratch , with flour.

But I’m not feeling flowery, or floury. I’m in a state of emotional upheaval and I’m going use this equinox to have some ritual by a fire tonight.

So far my fire pit is a hole of dirt but I don’t care. Tonight I dance by the moon and may do some howling.

What I needed to write didn’t fit in with ‘flower’ or ‘flour’ in the longest stretch but yesterdays’ prompt did; smirk.

Here’s a link if you want to know;

If you don’t, that’s OK I just needed to get it off my chest.


6 thoughts on “SoCS; defoliated

  1. You made me laugh and smile with your response. It makes sense it really beginning to feel cold in the UK and so not ready for autumn. Your really captured it right, sort out the garden flowers, make an apple pie, and snuggle up to a warm fire to watch harry potter…

    lovely post and lovely response.. i enjoyed it.

    • Wow, it was awesome. I started cleaning out my woodshed and found old beehive frame kits my ex used to pay me to make for him, all full of mouse nests. Perfect! I burned them all afternoon then burned a box of paper work, lots of schedules and pay stubs. All that crap from the past burned up and now just ashes. Stayed out until sunset. It was great.

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