RDP: not fair!

Life is not fair. There are those in the world who are well off, get all the perks of life and live long, happy lives. They are usually white and well-off to begin with but not always. There are just as many raised white and well-off that get knocked down at every turn. Especially since the middle class has all but disappeared. The line is now drawn between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ and gap widens.

It has been proven that a basic income of $1400 a month has taken people off of welfare and got them into productive and happy lives. It works! It’s given people pride and a sense of worth. It helps them dream of higher goals and reach those goals. It helps them give their children better lives, better futures.

However, our new conservative provincial leader has scrapped it. It was being tested in Hamilton (and was a success) so there are people who got on their feet, got apartments and jobs who are now getting knocked back down; unable to afford rent and child care.

This made me mad but it was yesterday I got furious. Doug Ford lived up to one of his campaign promises, “A Buck a Beer!”  Yeah, that’s what we need, cheaper beer! But it’s not that; it’s what he said that blew my mind;

He said he wanted to give Ontarians ‘more hope’.  a buck a beer. Sorry, I’m crossed-eyed again with fury.

Perhaps it means you can now afford to drink away your troubles. But heaven forbid you should buy beer if you are ‘on welfare’. That wouldn’t be fair to those hard-working tax payers.

How about getting everyone on the same playing field? How about making life a little more fair.