SoCS: notice

Last night I noticed I had a big lump behind my knee. I never noticed it before; can’t feel it when I bend my knee. My knee has been sore and swollen but I thought it was the regular old-age-knee-ache syndrome that comes and goes. And I had to notice it on a Friday night.  I’ve been at the health centre almost every day for the past two weeks because the course I’m taking (Senior Fitness Training) and my Opening Doors group is in the same room and I had to notice it on a Friday night.

Today I am going to Bluesfest with my sister. There is a notice of severe thunder storms for exactly the hours we want to be there. Have you even noticed when you plan something in advance, you bring on rain?

I reminds me of the night last year when they had the Tragically Hip concert on a big screen at the Bandstand on the Beach. It was a beautiful setting, lovely sunset but with obvious rain clouds coming in. At first it was just a few drops, ah its just water. Then it came down harder and harder. The wind got so bad the screen blew around and rain was coming into the projection tent so they had to shut it down. There was a mass exodus of people trying to get back to their cars they parked in town away from the beach. We all got completely soaked but it was kind of fun there were so many people.

But at least it was free. The Bluesfest costs money and my sister already bought tickets. We are taking chairs, towels and umbrellas now that we have more experience with concerts in the rain but it doesn’t look good. It’s not just rain forecasted; its big, fierce yellow and red radar clouds passing over London in waves. Sonofabitch.

I’m also missing out on a garage sale with my neighbours. I only found out about it this week and I was too busy with homework to get stuff together. I wouldn’t even know about it except I went over to see how my neighbour was doing. ‘Oh yeah and we are having a campfire, too.’ If I hadn’t gone over there, I wouldn’t know anything about either. It’s probably ‘too hard’ to walk all the way back here a say ‘hello, we’re having a garage sale.’

Right now it is dark and the thunder is starting. I hope they cancel the garage sale until next week. I really want to get rid of stuff but not on this short notice.

Then I hope the storm passes through quickly and lets us have the concert. At least I can get something good for dinner. I’ve been given a lot of free vegetables, which is great but I’m getting sick of cooking zucchini, tomatoes, kale and/or beans every night. I want something else and someone else to cook it.

I actually would love to lie on my couch and watch TV today. That’s what I’m going to do this morning and hopefully I’ll be ready to rhythm ‘n blue rock and roll.

Yesterday was the last day of the course, Thank God, I am so sick of it! We did an exercise class at 9:00 a.m.  It was my fourth day out which is too much for this introvert. I had a headache and my knee hurt. First I walk into all the early birds chattering then she puts on the 50’s – 60’s pop hits I hate so much as I listened to the same ones every day all summer at work.

As I walked past the music player blasting, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” I had a fantasy of smashing it with a baseball bat; way too much sensory overload. I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER do an exercise class that early!

Have you ever notice early birds think that they are better and infer that you sleep in too late? That yoga teacher told us every day that she got up at 5:30 and the 10:00 classes were “too late!”   The first time she said it I said, “I get up early but I don’t like going out early”  I only said it once. Every time she said it after that I just thought “Good for you”  which progressed to “we know already” and then a mental “Shut the f*#k up”

When she said in very superior tone that she “doesn’t watch TV” I wasn’t surprised.

Luckily we will never see each other at exercise class!

I noticed I’m rambling….

Very nice new badge!


2 thoughts on “SoCS: notice

  1. Well, I would have been exchanging supportive “shut the f*** up” glances with you, but mine would have been spelled out. 🙂 You must really hate getting up early to have that kind of response, you being all Canadian and all. :p

    I love yoga and meditation (or so I recall) but, yes, good lord, that bunch and vegans tend to bring out the smugness in people.

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