SoCS: maniacal

ican’t sleep with my window open at night due to the maniacal tree frogs. They are so loud they drown out the maniacal crickets. Holy Moly, it’s a frenzy out there!

Remember back in the spring when the leopard frogs make their pretty musical song? Nothing like these harsh, deafening, rhythmic arguments going on here. And they are all over the place.

When they first started I though I had one in my ‘storage’ room (storage: where you put a lot of junk). I tore it apart looking for the damn thing until I thought to open the window. My ears were pierced by the sound of it right outside, on the side of my house.

Crickets can ‘throw’ their chirps. I swear they can find a spot where they echo. If my window is open, there is one that sounds like it’s in the bedroom. Go to the window, confirm its outside. Get back in bed; sounds in the room.

The tree frogs are somewhat quiet in the morning; the crickets are drowned out by the awaking cicada’s. They sing together making one continuous sound.

Living in the woods is noisy!

Its the ‘end of the summer’ sound. At first summer is light, airy and soft green. Now its harsh and heavy, too bright making its last burst of energy. Gone is the magic.



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-ic or -ical.” Find a word that uses the suffix “-ic” or “-ical.” Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!

Oh boy, I get bonus points!

One thought on “SoCS: maniacal

  1. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the summer symphony and my constant ear ringing – tinninitus or however you spell it. But autumn is right around the corner.

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