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I better write a post today to keep in contact with my blog world. Last Saturday I went to a reunion of old friends and it was great! These are a group of friends who grew up together, went to high school together and were graduating out into the working world when I met them becoming a girlfriend.

We were together for four years and moved out to Vancouver after two years together. My boyfriend was went to Simon Fraser University and I worked for the Vancouver Public Library.

Many of our friends followed us out to B.C. and live there still.

I left my boyfriend, moved back east and married an American. For a while I was in contact with a close girlfriend but our lives went separate ways and I lost contact with everyone for over 20 years.

I lived a very austere lifestyle with my husband for many years. After a terrible break-up I ended up starting my life all over. I could now do things I was never ‘allowed’ to do. Like Facebook: my ex would absolutely HATE Facebook.

One day I got a message from my old boyfriend asking to friend me on Facebook. Yes! Then I saw he was in contact with some old friends who knew old friends…. what a fun week that was connecting with everyone again!

They had been having a reunion up in Muskoka every year; friends who got married bought my boyfriend’s family cottage where we used to party. A few old friends had moved up there, too.  I went to three of these reunions before the hosts decided that was enough: they had gotten too big locally and couldn’t stop the momentum of people. That was five years ago.

This year a bunch of us turned 65 so we had a reunion in Toronto. People flew out from B.C. and drove down from Muskoka. I drove to Brampton, stayed at a friend’s along with another friend Friday night and drove back Sunday.

It was so much fun and I’m still recuperating. Not sure why…..  didn’t get very intoxicated….. the trip just wiped me out. Maybe all the built up tension, the explosion of energy and the zapping of my introverted being caused me to fizzle out for a few days.

I’ve always felt fortunate I met this tight group of friends in my youth and I’m so happy to still be in contact with them!

Pensionerstock '18
I’m in the white tank top with lotus, my old boyfriend is second from the left.



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