RDP: dappled


In the morning the sun rises through the woods behind my house, mostly Silver Birch and Maples. On the wall just over my shoulder is a framed silhouette of leaves blowing in the breeze.

Birch and Poplar make the most soothing sound with their leaves. It’s heavenly this morning because it’s cool enough to have the windows open. The dappled sunlight coming through the trees along with the soft rustle is so peaceful.

I’m in my office/ sewing room.  Also on this eastern wall is my bathroom and kitchen with windows wide open, rustling leaves, dappled light and the occasional warbler.

Here is my kitchen right now;


(That long piece of lace is for a gap between the door and the screen. Yeah, I could probably find a long plastic piece at the hardware store but I’d rather make something with scraps. It fits the décor.)


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