Apology accepted.

There are a lot of Americans apologizing to Canadians for their President’s outlandish and embarrassing behaviour. It’s all over TV, Facebook and even posts here:


It’s OK. We don’t hold it against all Americans.  I prefer humour so I’m going to post a couple of photos that may be banned in America.

big baby

baby baby

2 thoughts on “Apology accepted.

  1. Ahahahahaha! And yes, “sorry, sorry, sorry!” oy. For some reason I follow a lot of Canadian bloggers (I don’t follow that many blogs in total, so the number of Canadians in the list seems to be pretty high). My bff is a Canadian. I tease him about how “you guys” are always apologizing. He apologizes for that. 🙂 But now the shoe is on the other foot and I feel like before liking a blog post or commenting I must now “mea culpa” for the big oaf who will never do such a thing, if only because his third-grade vocabulary doesn’t include Latin. I don’t know if you are familiar with him but Ross Murray has a great blog that always makes me laugh and he recently posted on the whole “bu… but wha… really?” thing https://rossmurray1.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/its-hard-to-move-forward-when-your-knee-is-jerking/

  2. Thanks for the share of my post! It has proven to be one of my most commented-on. Fortunately, our first amendment which includes freedom of the press and freedom of speech is still operating, so parody photos are readily available. 😉

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