SoCS; reservation

I live in a strip of land that is between two First Nations reservations which is really one Reservation.

map of KP
The pink area is Kettle Point. the darker green area is Stony Point.

At the onset of the Second World War the government forced everyone off of the Stony Point Reservation and told them to go live on Kettle Point so they could take over their home for an army base. They assured the people, with written documents, they would get their land back when the war was over.  They demolished all the homes and made an army base.

The ones who had family in Kettle Point moved in with their relatives, others were not so lucky. Some were displaced from the U.S. where their reservations no longer existed.

They didn’t give it back after the war. They kept for an army training camp and kept the beautiful beach for a Provincial  Park.

The families fought to get it back, taking their documents to Toronto and Ottawa for years and years with no action. Finally, one hot summer the younger generation, now crowded and needing their land back, forcefully took it over in a stand-off.

stand off

The end result was a First Nations man, Dudley George, getting shot. Police thought he had a gun….. he had a stick.

Since this is Stream of Consciousness, I could write on and on and now I want to edit it; if you are interested, Google ‘Ipperwash’.

I get so frustrated by the white people who have always lived around here and still resent them for getting this land back.  My  hairdresser went on a vent about; “They’ve had it back for so long and haven’t done anything.”  because the descendants are still living in the old army barracks.

They just ‘officially’ had it returned 3 years ago and got compensation. A good portion of the army camp still has land mines from training that have to be detonated. The Reserve has to send men out to be trained for that since the government did not do it.


It has to be worked out which families will get housing and where…. this all takes time.

I already have some photos from previous posts about this subject, I’ll step out of SoC for a bit to put them in.



It still chokes me up.  In the meantime; I’m looking for a new hairdresser.

4 thoughts on “SoCS; reservation

  1. I remember the standoff when it happened, but I didn’t realize it was so far west. I was living in Gatineau at the time. Hope you’ve found a new hairdresser by now.

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