SoCS: Mrs. Grills

Oh, poopy-drawers. Today’s prompt is ‘grill’. As I was bringing up today’s prompt I was thinking about having to visit my aunt who’s last name is Grills.

She is in a nursing home with dementia that is worsening. Recently they phoned my sister late at night to tell her Aunt Do was hollering and they needed to subdue her with medication. That’s what she does when she doesn’t get her own way but now she wants to do illogical things like drink the cream from everyone’s coffee creamer or back up in her wheel chair and go grab a box of straws then hollers when you try to stop her. I say holler because there are no words except “NO! AaAa… no…”.

At one time she was a sun worshipper. Now she won’t even go outside. When you try to wheel her out, even on the nicest days, she hollers, “NO! no!….”

When she has to poop she just does it right there. She has diapers but I have a gag reflex that doesn’t stop. This happened recently and they were serving salmon for lunch (stinky)….. it was awful.  The nurse smelled her and took her away to be cleaned as she hollered “Nooo…no….”.  I ran out.

My aunt used to be beautiful. She danced and traveled and had dinner parties: she would not like to know that this is how she would end up.

If you ever hear anyone say, “I want to live until I’m 100!”  you can be sure they don’t visit anyone in a nursing home.

So I’m going today to see Doreen Grills. I hope that she can pass away quickly and peacefully soon.



6 thoughts on “SoCS: Mrs. Grills

  1. That is so sad. Dementia is the worst thing that can happen both for the sufferer and their loved ones. Hopefully she will not have to suffer long. Strength to you and your sister.

  2. Good point about living to 100. Quality of life is more important to me than quantity. I hope you have some good moments today and can recall the happy memories.

  3. It sounds cruel to hope that someone goes quickly and quietly, but dementia is a really awful disease and it just keeps getting worse. At that point you just pray for God’s mercy. I’m sorry you’re going through that.

  4. You’re right about those who say they want to live to 100 not visiting nursing home. Dementia is devastating. My wish is same as yours. Quick and peaceful is merciful.

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