Prompt; Forest

Forest is the closest town to me. It’s a typical Ontario small town with lots of beautiful old houses.


It has a grocery store, 2 drugstores, a bargain store, downtown strip with little shops, a couple of restaurants, a beautiful library made from an old railway station


and the Community Health Center. At the edge of town is the smallest Canadian Tire ever.

But the best part of Forest is the Kineto Theatre. It is one the oldest running movie theatres ever. In 1905;

“Floyd, who was known as ‘Toby’ to his friends, hooked up a generator to the back wheel of an old Ford car to a ‘Kineto’ brand all brass motion picture projector which had been imported from England. The wheel of the car was rigged up in such a way that the car was slid backwards where the wheel touched a steel pulley and this in turn caused the generator to operate. With this in place he was able to show silent moving picture films at the town hall gallery” —-

In 1917 they bought a building and started the Kineto Theatre.

Today it is run by the Kiwanis. Movies are $6.00 ($8 for 3D).  They sell combos of popcorn and pop for just a few bucks. Chocolate bars and other treats are a fair price. It’s the best movie deal ever!



Forest is a great little town. It takes me 11 minutes to drive there and has just about everything I may need.


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