SoCS; bun

“My Anaconda don’t, my Anaconda don’t, my Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon.”

I love Nicki Minaj for sporting her large buns all over the screen. Take that skinny-ass white chicks.  Like me.

Not to brag but I used to have great buns. Heart shaped buns. I remember the day I caught sight of myself sideways and realized my buns had fallen off.

“My ass fell off!” I lamented and my soon-to-be-ex-husband said, “yeah, I noticed.”

Yeah, I thought of buns and not the Easter bunny which came next. What a dumb idea, how did that catch on? A bunny who delivers eggs. And what’s that go to do with Jesus? I’m sure there’s a story and someone will tell us.

When I was young I use to think that when I got old I would grow my hair long and wear a bun. My husband would look like Santa Claus. Funny how you think dumb stuff when you are young and think you know everything.  I like my hair shortish and layered but I do really like my grey streaks. My husband is no longer in my life but I sure as hell don’t want some old hippy anymore. Never would I have thought I could be attracted to someone shaved bald but times have changed.

Then there’s abundance. Sick of this idea that we can wish ourselves into abundance and if we don’t, we’re thinking wrong. What? You want more? More money? More stuff?  Not just more….. abundance. ‘I want it all and lots of it!’ Crapola.  This is the opposite of spirituality, not the reward.

What if Satan had taken Jesus up to the mount to tempt him into having it all and Jesus said, “Yeah, Abundance, I deserve it all! I’m the Son of God!”

Then there would be no Easter Bunny. Maybe. Or maybe the Easter bunny would have a huge basket overflowing with chocolate…. and abundance of decadent treats.