SoCSunday; green

Yesterday I could not get into WordPress. The log-in page came up but the cursor would not flash and nothing could be typed in.  I tried a few times over the course of the day. I always write SoCS!

The prompt was ‘green’ for St. Patrick’s day. I posted on Facebook that I would eat potato chips all day and have potatoes for dinner. This ‘holiday’ is for getting drunk. It’s an excuse to get drunk all day. On top of that they die the beer green. oh, yuck. That certainly is not for me.

I didn’t wear green either. Even though I like the colour, it’s only the mossy, muted greens that look good with my skin tone. Blue and purple are my colours.

It was a very pleasant day.  I did some cleaning and vacuuming then went out and shoveled the tire tracks out of my driveway so they wouldn’t freeze into ruts. The young people who live in front of me didn’t even come outside. My driveway is a right-of-way through their driveway. It got so deep this week I almost didn’t get out.

They solved the problem of shoveling: She parks up by the road and he doesn’t have a car because he doesn’t work. So now my driveway is not their problem.

I can’t imagine sitting in my house on a beautiful day and NOT doing it. I want to get outside and do something. I’m 65 and they are 30. I also can’t imagine being 30, watching a 65-year-old shovel her driveway and not even do my own part. WTF?

The driveway is lined with cedars and stays shady all day. The other areas around my house are green! Well, brownish-green. I walked around and stood in my garden; the sun was so warm. I just couldn’t find anything else to do outside.

My porch/deck is built into a corner and is sheltered from the wind so I got my lawn-chair out and sat out a few times over the course of the afternoon. Heavenly! Today is going to be even better…. I’m getting out my lounge/lawn chair.

Got a prettier puzzle! In fact I bought two. I don’t often take down an incomplete puzzle but I was sure glad to get rid that ugly thing.

Well…… another day alone in Paradise.