Daily Prompt; wrinkle

Being 65 I immediately think ‘wrinkles’ and I say bring ’em on!

I’ll admit there are times I have looked in the mirror and pulled up my sagging jowls , the worst part of my wrinkles. It was even worse last week because I had a tooth pulled; my cheek swelled up and sagged.  I looked like Richard Nixon.

Unfortunately, years and years of being anxious and sad took a toll on my aging skin. I have resting bitch face unless I forcibly smile. I can be feeling happy inside but unless I’m grinning, I look so damn serious.

BUT…. I don’t care. Yes, I have wrinkles, I am 65 and have no problem with that. My mom used to say, “Don’t try to look younger, look good for your age.”  This is so true. Those older women that try to look like young women look pathetic to me. Pulled back skin and liver-lips….. they all look like The Joker from Batman!

Sure I’m wrinkled but my cheeks shine when I smile. My skin is healthy and shows it. I recently ran into someone I hadn’t seen close up for a few years. I was shocked at her skin which was crepey, dull and grey. Shocked because she works so hard at keeping herself young physically, staying in shape, getting her hair done, etc…. much more than I do…. but alcohol, cigarettes and coffee have done a number on her skin. It doesn’t matter what you put on your skin, it gets fed from the inside from fruits and vegetables.

Listen up young women; whatever you are doing to your body now will show up in your late 40’s and 50’s. You can party hard and eat the worst food and look just great….. until your 40’s. Then it all comes back to haunt you AND it’s really hard to change your ways. Everything is habit so year after year of the same behavior just puts you in a deeper and deeper rut.

Luckily I have eaten healthy all my life and I’m vegetarian. But I still have bad habits that I will not quit. I smoke pot, for instance. I’m not quitting but I wish I had never started liking it at the age of 15.  Marijuana leads to potato chips, ginger ale and chocolate bars.  I eat healthy all day and exercise but at night, I indugle.  Its an ingrained habit.

Make sure you have happy, jolly wrinkles in your old age; laugh lines and smile lines, rosy, shiny cheeks. Make sure you have some physical activity you like and want to do. What looks good in old age? Happy and healthy.

This morning I watched “Life’s Third Act” by Jane Fonda on Ted Talks. I tried to bring it here but couldn’t copy the URL. If you can find it, do watch it…. it’s only 11 minutes. She basically says that this a great time of your life and it can be. But it really is a lot more enjoyable if you are healthy.

Wrinkles? So What!



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; wrinkle

  1. I always liked “crows feet” around people’s eyes gave people smiling eyes. Now, I hope mine make up for my resting lips being down-turned. I swear it feel like my lips are smiling when they’re neutral.

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