Typical Fighting

Yesterday I went to see Black Panther! My sister was staying at my nephews this weekend and took my grandniece, a Spanish exchange student and me to see Black Panther. This was really great of her because there is no way she would want to see Black Panther otherwise.

But I did! Some things you like to see on big screen and this was one of them. I heard TV people rave about it. It was pretty good except there was a lot of fighting. Of course, I knew there would be a lot of fighting but, come on…… all fighting? Great costumes, some good music, fearsome women warriors…… fighting. So much fighting.

OK. Its Marvel comics but even those comics developed characters. Anyone see what they did to the story of King Arthur last year? They made a typical fight, fight, fight movie, broken up by Excalibur shooting bolts of electricity and lightning. Stupid and typical. A great legend reduced to mediocrity. They turned King Arthur into a Marvel comic hero.

Not sorry I went to see Black Panther, though. It was still a great movie to see full screen: the costumes, make-up and special effects were fantastic! Although there was violence there was not a lot of blood as its PG. One warrior got her throat slashed and died and she didn’t even bleed!

It was so nice to get away from this neighbourhood and get outta town on a beautiful sunny day. It was a fun day, not a typical day, and today I feel so much better for it.



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