Prompt: Restart

After a taste of spring, winter is going to restart tonight. It’s been fantastic weather; three days of double-digit temps and lots of sun. All the snow in my yard is melted.

The trails behind my house are on sand dunes so the melted snow runs right through. Except for a few wet low spots and an icy footbridge it’s all dry. I’ve been out on it everyday despite the fact its coyote mating season. I wear a whistle and it’s a little scary but not enough to keep me out. I’ve never heard of anyone being attacked on the trail mid-day. It just adds to the wild nature of the woods. However, I heard a dog barking in the direction I was headed yesterday and decided it would be a good place to turn back.

The sun is getting higher and higher giving me hours of sunlight on my couch in the afternoon. It feels so good on my skin, soaking it up like a sponge.

But tonight they are calling for 10 – 15 cm. of snow. Wet heavy snow. I guess we have to expect it….. it’s only March.

This afternoon I am going to meet the person who is asking for volunteers for seniors health programs she is starting. At least I think I’m going. I haven’t heard from her yet and the rain is supposed to freeze up sometime this afternoon.  Today is Exercise Bingo. I looked it up….. I think I’m actually too young for that but I’m willing to help motivate others.  The notice for volunteers asked, “Are you awesome?” Since the answer to that is a resounding ‘YES!’ I thought I’d better answer the call. I’ve been looking to do some volunteer work….. this may be the thing.

I’m sort of restarting my life now that I’m retired and I’m very happy with how it’s been going. My job was part-time, different shifts over 7 days.  There was no routine, no weekends, I left messes often and didn’t eat regular meals. Now I’m eating three healthy meals a day and getting into a daily routine. My sewing machine is cleared off from piles of paperwork and I have an order for an apron!

So while I’m disappointed in the snow coming back tonight, it’s not like it wasn’t expected, for Pete’s Sake. That will give me an outside job tomorrow. We’ve had a little break from winter to lift our spirits and give us hope and that’s good enough.

Too bad I have a really ugly jigsaw puzzle on the go. I went into our local Goodwill and said I heard it was a good place for jigsaw puzzles. She was so excited, “Yes, I have lots and more in the back!”  I looked at the ones on the shelf and they were all ugly. She was in the back pricing more. I went back and they were all ugly. I picked out one of deer in a field but the colours are so gross, the grass is a sickly greenish-yellow.

“You’re only taking one?” She said with great disappointment. I picked out another ugly one with eagles and bears and apologized that was all I wanted for now. Oh well, they were only $2 each….. but it’s just not the same as looking at something beautiful.


At least its Earth friendly!



Sometimes  I can’t end a post;  I’ll let Donald do it.