JusJoJan 16; Contemplation

Yeah, I do a lot of contemplating. Sometimes I contemplate on things like the meaning of life or why people think the way they do but sometimes I watch smart stuff on TV and contemplate on that.

Now I have a song in my head;

“It was contemplation, I know.

and it might have ended right then at the start.

Just a passing thought, just a brief romance,

and I might have gone on my way empty-headed.”



JusJoJan 15; Justice?

Justice is the word today. How can I fit that in with what’s on my mind right now?

It’s my garbage. They usually come Monday mornings around 8:00-8:30 in the winter, 9:30 in the summer when all the cottagers are here.

I live behind a house that’s on the road so I have a fairly long walk. (say 100 ft.) and I can only see my bin from one window. Last Monday I dressed in my full blizzard garb and took out my bin at the crack of dawn. They cancelled due to the blizzard and posted on their website they would do a special pick-up Saturday.

Saturday I dressed in blizzard garb and took out my garbage at the crack of dawn. I was too late: they had already done it in the dark before 8:00 a.m.. They probably wanted to get it done as fast as possible, being an extra work day and many people didn’t know to put it out on a Saturday.

Yesterday I checked their website; the only information was on the Jan. 8 cancellation so I figure they will get back to the regular schedule. However, since the majority of people had it picked up Saturday they won’t have much and will do it real fast. That’s my  guess.

This morning, before dawn, at 6:00 a.m., I put on my blizzard garb and took out my garbage. Now I’m running back and forth from my computer to the kitchen window whenever I hear a rumble to see if they are picking up garbage. I want to see them pick it up!

I’m surely becoming an old lady (like still having a computer); standing at the window in my house coat, bitching; “You better pick it up this time, mo’ fo’s!” and then write a blog post about it.

I think I hear them…….

Nope. It’s 8:30. I don’t think they are coming today.  Is this justice?   (oh hell, If that’s all I’ve got to bitch about, I’m lucky!)


Update;   9:32….. Yay!



JusJoJan 13, SoCS; ?

Utility Billing 4!   Maybe I could look around for a book or something….. no, can’t cheat. The closest thing is my water bill.

Stream of Consciousness……… hmmm.

Took out my garbage already, at the crack of dawn. Last Monday I took it out in a blizzard but I’ve seen them pick it up in bad weather before. Not that time. Got a message on Facebook garbage pick-up was cancelled due to bad weather; they’ll do a pick-up on Saturday.  I saw them coming down the road across the street as I put out my bin. In a little while I’ll put on the layers of winter gear again and go get the bin before the snow-plow buries it.

Utility Billing 4…….. I received a notice that my low-income rebate for Ontario Hydro needed renewing. I had been getting a $30 rebate. They approved my renewal and said I’m now getting a $45 a month rebate! If you are low-income, take advantage of this!

First game night; no one. The weather was really bad….. I think the neighbours are waiting to see if the other neighbours will go. There are confirmations for next week.

Well, I think I hear the garbage truck coming down my way…….



Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is as follows: read closely. When you’re ready to sit down and write your post, look to the publication (book, newspaper, permission slip from your kid’s teacher, whatever you find) closest to you, and base your post on the sixth, seventh, and eighth word from the beginning of the page. Enjoy!



JusJoJan 12; Aggravation

Aggravation is today’s prompt. I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Most of the aggravating things in my life are gone; husband, mother (sorry, mom, I love you, but moms can be very aggravating), bad friends who aren’t really friends and most recently…. JOB.

That job was a major aggravation; I hated going so much. It wasn’t a bad job, it was as good as I could hope for, it was the physical discomfort of the awful uniform, the uncomfortable “break” room, the lights, the noise, cleaning at night when I’m way too tired …..  ahhhh, no more!

I’ve only been retired for two weeks so I’m still at the starry-eyed, “I can’t believe I don’t have to go to work!” stage.

This is what I did with my uniform, it’s the antidote for aggravation;


Yesterday it melted and his head fell off . I hope to rebuild.


JusJoJan 11; Humiliate

I took a major step into my new life, risking humiliation.

Yesterday morning I collected a group in Facebook messenger and invited 9+ people for a regular games night at my house Friday nights.  I say risking humiliation because it wouldn’t be the first time I invited my neighbours over and no one showed up. Then there was my retirement party where I was the only one to show up. Yes, I’ve felt the cold slap of humiliation.

I decided to just open up to a regular Friday Games Night because to send out invitations for a certain night then have no one come is humiliating. This way, Friday is just open for games night, take it or leave it.

Most people are busy this Friday and they are predicting messy weather so hopefully my neighbours who can walk here will come and start Games Night. I hope we can get enough for Balderdash, my favourite game.

So, I’ve had a pretty good response. People are busy but interested in doing it in the future. I hope this works out and I don’t end up sitting here alone and humiliated on Friday nights.

I say ‘my new life’ because I am newly retired. I have worked weekends most of my life and now I can be happier about weekends! Now I won’t sneer and curse when I see all the ‘yay, it’s the weekend!’ stuff on Facebook.

This was also astrologically planned.  When I first had the stirrings of this idea, it was Mercury in retrograde. The monthly horoscope said to start new things on Jan. 10 when Mercury went direct.

I’ve had a strong feeling about sticking my neck out and making friends with my neighbours. There is a clique here I’ve never been a part of and I’m going to crack it open.

This morning I read Joanna’s post on the Hopi elders;


I was amazed that it put into words something I’ve been feeling coming or happening. It may be just my new start or it may be everyone’s chance for a new start.

It also reminded me of how important it is to risk humiliation and try to love as much as possible. To open yourself up, be vulnerable and take that risk of being hurt.




JusJoJan 9; Coffee

Part of my bed-time routine is setting my coffee up; it’s too much fiddle in the morning and I can’t think yet.  I still have a basket-type coffee maker and not those little singular things.  SuperStore sells unbleached filters so that is my preferred method.

My computer is in a little cubby that heats up fast in the morning. I have my two cups and do all my computer stuff. I’m on my second cup now, pondering what I’m going to say about coffee.

When I take my monthly medication for osteoporosis, I have to wait a half an hour before I can have a coffee. I’m watching the time and when a half hour is up I run to that button that will give the warm liquid I so crave, washing away all scum and fog.

Good stuff.

I’m getting the hell out of here today! I’m going to TOWN!


When I open the Reader I still get blanks where the posts should be. I can get back to sites through ‘notifications’ but I’m missing posts. I’m trying to visit all the ‘followed’ sites but it’s time-consuming. I will get to read them eventually …… but today I’m going out! Now I have to find a thread so I can pingback this post;



JusJoJan 8; Pants

Funny how pants are plural although they/it are/is just one item of clothing. Same with shorts and trousers. We even put on a pair of pants or trousers but that’s not two pairs of pants.

I have some great winter pants I got at Mark’s WorkWarehouse; cargo pants lined with flannelette. They are baggy and so comfortable. I have a nylon pair of pants to go over them to keep out the snow and wind. Very warm and comfortable no matter how cold it is. Jeans are put away until spring. Jeans are cold.

For indoor winter wear; Take your most comfy p.j. bottoms, turn them inside out (more comfortable without the seams) then put your house pants over them. So warm and comfortable. Then you really are wearing a pair of pants.

OK: I have cabin fever and I’ve got it bad. The last snow dump took me two days to dig out of. Yesterday I got it all done and ready to go today. Woke up to more snow, bad roads and it’s going to snow all day.

I’ve already been out to put out my garbage, feed my birds and clear my satellite dish. Now I’m wondering if the garbage trucks will be running. I can’t see the bin from my window, it’s just all white. This really is Snowmegeddon.

I want to go to WalMart more than I’ve ever wanted to go in my whole life.