JusJoJan 25; Prediction

Don’t we all wish we had a way of predicting the future? Horoscopes, psychics, coins tossed, tea leaves read…… what’s going to happen to me?

I confess I read daily horoscopes but I wouldn’t base any major decisions on it. Its more like the astral weather but I don’t believe it can predict the future.

All of the things that lay claim to predict the future can only predict the probabilities but there is no future carved in stone to predict. They can only predict what will probably happen if no outside influence changes the course of our stumbling on our merry way; pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.

If this inertia was the way of life, evolution never would have happened. It takes only one little move, one little change and it changes the course of life itself. It takes only one person to stand up and speak out, fight for what’s right, and it changes the course of our society.

We live in this moment, Now, the only reality. We are all locked into this time/space continuum and sharing in it. Rumi called it ‘frozen.’ The actions we take now decide the future. Sometimes its easy just to go along with the status quo but there are times when we have to make a real push to stand up for what’s right.

It’s easy to hate but it’s hard to love. It’s easy to love those who are good to us but its hard to love those who are not. The first base reaction is revenge…. stumbling along the same old way over and over….. you probably know some people like that and they are certainly predicting their future.

We have that moment between reaction and action to think about what will be the best action for the future. Sometimes its the harder choice but it changes the course of our life and those lives around us for the better. It’s the best we can do for predicting a better future.

How do you make God laugh?  Tell him/her your plans.




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