JusJoJan 11; Humiliate

I took a major step into my new life, risking humiliation.

Yesterday morning I collected a group in Facebook messenger and invited 9+ people for a regular games night at my house Friday nights.  I say risking humiliation because it wouldn’t be the first time I invited my neighbours over and no one showed up. Then there was my retirement party where I was the only one to show up. Yes, I’ve felt the cold slap of humiliation.

I decided to just open up to a regular Friday Games Night because to send out invitations for a certain night then have no one come is humiliating. This way, Friday is just open for games night, take it or leave it.

Most people are busy this Friday and they are predicting messy weather so hopefully my neighbours who can walk here will come and start Games Night. I hope we can get enough for Balderdash, my favourite game.

So, I’ve had a pretty good response. People are busy but interested in doing it in the future. I hope this works out and I don’t end up sitting here alone and humiliated on Friday nights.

I say ‘my new life’ because I am newly retired. I have worked weekends most of my life and now I can be happier about weekends! Now I won’t sneer and curse when I see all the ‘yay, it’s the weekend!’ stuff on Facebook.

This was also astrologically planned.  When I first had the stirrings of this idea, it was Mercury in retrograde. The monthly horoscope said to start new things on Jan. 10 when Mercury went direct.

I’ve had a strong feeling about sticking my neck out and making friends with my neighbours. There is a clique here I’ve never been a part of and I’m going to crack it open.

This morning I read Joanna’s post on the Hopi elders;


I was amazed that it put into words something I’ve been feeling coming or happening. It may be just my new start or it may be everyone’s chance for a new start.

It also reminded me of how important it is to risk humiliation and try to love as much as possible. To open yourself up, be vulnerable and take that risk of being hurt.





6 thoughts on “JusJoJan 11; Humiliate

  1. Great idea! If I were there I’d come to your game night, as I love to play board games. Balderdash is a favorite! Sadly, no one here besides me likes to play any of them, so I never get to play. Hope y’all have a fun night! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on putting yourself out there. That is a big win and you should not forget to give yourself a pat on your back. I think you are going to have very many memorable Fridays this year, good memories too.

  3. I’ve had trouble connecting with my neighbors too. When I first moved in, I had an open house, and it drew a big crowd. Others followed suit, and it started to feel very neighborly, but things changed. People moved away, divorced, died or had disputes. Then someone started using the Nextdoor app, and now at least I communicate with some neighbors that way. It’s not the same, but you may want to check it out. If people participate, it may be a good way to send invites or reminders for your game night or other events.

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