JusJoJan 9; Coffee

Part of my bed-time routine is setting my coffee up; it’s too much fiddle in the morning and I can’t think yet.  I still have a basket-type coffee maker and not those little singular things.  SuperStore sells unbleached filters so that is my preferred method.

My computer is in a little cubby that heats up fast in the morning. I have my two cups and do all my computer stuff. I’m on my second cup now, pondering what I’m going to say about coffee.

When I take my monthly medication for osteoporosis, I have to wait a half an hour before I can have a coffee. I’m watching the time and when a half hour is up I run to that button that will give the warm liquid I so crave, washing away all scum and fog.

Good stuff.

I’m getting the hell out of here today! I’m going to TOWN!


When I open the Reader I still get blanks where the posts should be. I can get back to sites through ‘notifications’ but I’m missing posts. I’m trying to visit all the ‘followed’ sites but it’s time-consuming. I will get to read them eventually …… but today I’m going out! Now I have to find a thread so I can pingback this post;