JusJoJan 8; Pants

Funny how pants are plural although they/it are/is just one item of clothing. Same with shorts and trousers. We even put on a pair of pants or trousers but that’s not two pairs of pants.

I have some great winter pants I got at Mark’s WorkWarehouse; cargo pants lined with flannelette. They are baggy and so comfortable. I have a nylon pair of pants to go over them to keep out the snow and wind. Very warm and comfortable no matter how cold it is. Jeans are put away until spring. Jeans are cold.

For indoor winter wear; Take your most comfy p.j. bottoms, turn them inside out (more comfortable without the seams) then put your house pants over them. So warm and comfortable. Then you really are wearing a pair of pants.

OK: I have cabin fever and I’ve got it bad. The last snow dump took me two days to dig out of. Yesterday I got it all done and ready to go today. Woke up to more snow, bad roads and it’s going to snow all day.

I’ve already been out to put out my garbage, feed my birds and clear my satellite dish. Now I’m wondering if the garbage trucks will be running. I can’t see the bin from my window, it’s just all white. This really is Snowmegeddon.

I want to go to WalMart more than I’ve ever wanted to go in my whole life.


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