SoCS: decorate

Yay! I figured it out! For two days I have only seen blank spaces where posts should be. Today I realized I could get on to followed sites by clicking on those who left comments and found my way back to Linda Hill’s prompts. Phew!

I’ve been snowed in since Wednesday. We have been experiencing lake streamers for two days. Howling winds and blowing snow….. roads are closed and everyone is posting photos of all the snow they’ve had on Facebook.

All that digging out I did has been filled in with more snow. There is drift on my walkway thigh high but luckily it was blown off the driveway and dumped there.

That’s OK. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll dig out until I get too tired or frostbitten. Last time I was out I felt my face start to sting.

I’m thinking about decorating. Not starting yet…. just thinking about it.  I already started cleaning ….. the kind of cleaning where you pull things out and make a bigger mess then get tired and wish you’d never started. Now that I’m retired I can make messes, leave it when I’m fed up and pick it up the next day. So right now it’s worse than when I started. So what, who cares? I have all winter to chip away at it.

That’s what has held me back from starting major decorating projects; having to go to work and live in the mess.

Well, it’s time to go feed my birdies and start shoveling.


4 thoughts on “SoCS: decorate

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine so much snow, being here in TX. We do get some, but just a little, which is gone in a day or so. Keep warm & safe! … I’m the same with trying to go through stuff. I drag it all out, then get tired of messing with it, but I don’t have a good place to leave it out, so have to put it all back for another day.

  2. Those pre-decorating projects can be so energy consuming… but the end result is usually so worth it. That is, until the urge to do it again strikes. 🙂

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