We finally got some snow! I live in a ‘snow belt’ on Lake Huron but the last two years we had very little snow. Not so this year….. snow is back with a vengeance and I’m loving it because I don’t have to go anywhere!

This morning I was peering out, waiting for dawn to see how much snow fell but I heard the birds start chirping, calling me, even before dawn. I noticed the red light was on in my satellite receiver so I bundled up and went out at dawn to get the two most important things cleaned off.

Took some photos;

Simple but effective bird feeder
The chimney brush is great for this job
I hope the roof is strong. I’ll go out later for Round #2
I think I’ll stay home today
I had to push my back door open. I’ll do this later; no one is coming or going.

I love the colour of blue so early. It’s even better at dusk when it turns an electric indigo blue.

Now its all white and there is a murder of crows outside my office window. They want some of the corn I threw down this morning. Food is scarce when snow is this deep and soft. Crows are embarrassed to eat at bird feeders and will fly away if they see you at the window. I have a little sheer curtain I’ll put up so I can watch them unseen.

I’m so glad I don’t have to think about going to work anymore. Yesterday I finally got the Christmas ornaments put away so it looks like a fresh New Year.

The snow is so much better enjoyed from the inside. I don’t mind shovelling when its my only job of the day. I can make cocoa, burn some red oak (it burns very hot), work on my jigsaw puzzle and watch TV because I’m so ept I cleaned off my dish. Yeah, ept; the opposite of inept.

It’s My World now. I’m finally retired!

Happy New Year, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Looks lovely – much more snow than we had a couple of weeks back – and you don’t have to drive in it unless you want to! Happy Retirement and Happy New Year. Love the log store 🙂

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