SoCS; You’ll, Yul, Yule

You’ll never believe I had a crush on Yul Brunner when I was an adolescent. It started with Anna and the King. Those flaring nostrils, the intensity, the wry smile: it was the first pubescent stirrings. That’s what I like about Jonathan Rhys Meyers who’s on Vikings this year, (I’m so excited). He played Henry the VIII in The Tudors which was fabulous. That same intensity… although when I think about it, I wouldn’t want some guy stomping around here flaring his nostrils and being all intense.

Now everyone is bald. What are all these guys going to do when bald goes out of style? They’ll have to figure out ‘what to do with their hair’.

Even though there has been some sad things going I can’t say it’s ruined my Yule Tide Spirit. My neighbour who has been battling lung cancer for 3+ years (they gave him 6 months at diagnosis) died last week, his Celebration of Life was yesterday. And it was a celebration of his life. I’ve never been at funeral where I’ve laughed so much.

When I was going in there was man in front of me who held the door open. I knew I recognized him but couldn’t place the face. As I was hanging up my coat I realized it was the Mayor. His wife told me the Mayor story later on; Gary found out Mayor Bradley didn’t care for Neil Diamond so, for a joke, he said on the radio how much the Mayor loved Neil Diamond. To this day he gets free tickets, signed posters, memorabilia of Neil Diamond because someone heard on the radio he loved N.D.

There were a lot of stories like this ending with “….. if I heard it on the radio, it must be true.”  That man was beloved.

Last night I got together with his surviving wife and daughter and few friends. We all smoked and drank whatever we wanted and I listened to more funny stories about Gary.  It felt as Christmassy as any Christmas.

We had our family Christmas the day Gary died. My nephew and his family have gone to Myrtle Beach. They have an exchange student who will be staying with my sister. We will go see my Aunt and hopefully go for a walk. ‘My’ trail here is still well-used. Because it’s on sand dunes the melting snow drains quickly and it doesn’t get mucky.

Today and tomorrow I have to work, BLAH! I have to face those co-workers who didn’t show up for our party and didn’t apologize to the host or me. At least they’ve made me REAL happy about leaving.

When I went in Thursday I checked to see if he put me on Dec. 31st because that was the start of a new schedule.  He didn’t but he had me on for two days in January. He was already in a huffy, bitchy mood because I pointed out to him that the host went to a lot of trouble and expense… etc. Right away he got all defensive, huffy and bitchy.

I said “I told you Dec. 31st I’m retiring. ” I crossed off my name and shifts. (In fact, I went back and crossed it off again, darker and stronger)

I think the owner sensed some tension when he came in and asked how the bakery was going. I said, “You know I’m leaving at the end of the month because Todd has me on in January. Am I supposed to put it in writing?” He said “We were hoping you would stay on…..” I shook my head and said, “No, sorry” but I wasn’t sorry at all.

I handed my boss a note that said “I quit. My last day is December 28”.  He put it up on the schedule for all to see. I wrote a nicer note to the Assistant Manager who deals with payroll also saying my last day was Dec. 28 so he wouldn’t change it and put me on New Year’s Eve.

AND I got my first pension cheque. I still can’t believe it! I’m swooning with joy.

So you’ll find me in the Yule Tide spirit. This is my last weekend at work. I can just sail through the drama knowing it’s almost over. I’m feeling joy, contentment and love.


I was just about to publish when the phone rang. My boss told me I didn’t have to come in because there wasn’t enough work to have us all. Could it be they don’t want to face my flaring nostrils and intensity?  Ha Ha Ha and a Ho Ho Ho!


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yule/you’ll/Yul.” Start your post with one of them. Have fun!