SoCS; liqu

There is one thing I miss about liquor; the thick, warm liquid going slowly down your throat. That’s something I just haven’t been able to replicate. Ginger ale is guzzled. Hot tea is sipped. The only thing that has even remotely tempted me into drinking liquor would be cinnamon whiskey. Oh, yeah….. bring out a non-alcoholic version of that!

Years (decades) ago I gave up meat, eggs, alcohol and drugs. I did not have any trouble giving up or desiring these things except for marijuana. I never missed meat or alcohol but I missed smoking pot always. Years went by and I started to smoke again because I wanted to. I quit again for a few years just because it was so expensive and I had to deal with assholes to get it.

But I always missed it. Now I grow my own so I have no problems with supply or assholes.

For years I have been really sick of the hypocrisy of alcohol vs. marijuana. Alcohol is beyond socially acceptable; it’s almost a social requirement. How do you have fun? I’ve been asked. I get sick of all the memes and quotes on Facebook about wine, wine, wine or how falling down drunk was a good time. No, getting drunk is neither fun nor funny. You are really sick the next day…… duh!

But what if I brought my vaporizer to Christmas Day? Oh my, what a degenerate! You can’t do that in front of the kids!!! That’s doing drugs!!!

How long will it take for attitudes to change? It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens with legalization. It may be legal, but will it be acceptable?

Will people have lit up cabinets for their fancy bong collection. “Would you like to try one? Here….. light it up!”

I’m really looking forward to trying the edibles. Maybe, just maybe they will come up with a warm, thick liquid cinnamon marijuana liqueur.

But then, I would probably drink too much of it.


5 thoughts on “SoCS; liqu

  1. I totally get what you mean about alcohol vs marijuana, though I’m still doing neither out of habit having been an addictions counselor for 30 years. I gave up alcohol when I got serious about losing weight in the early 90s. My party drink is diet ginger ale mixed with apple juice. I’ve told my kids they can make me some special brownies when I’m 80. Glad you don’t have to deal with the assholes anymore.

  2. It’s not legal here yet and may be one of the last places to become legal because Texas is well Texas. The bong curio is an interesting idea for sure 🙂 Great post!

  3. I wish I could have clicked “like” twice. You are spot on about hypocrisy but maybe the social acceptance will happen eventually, over time, like all of society’s other duplicities. Stigmas are odd things: drunks are assholes, kill people driving and eventually it kills your liver. Pot…mellow (although i’m sure there are problems with driving high too)

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