One Way or Another

One way or another I’m going to pass that damn emissions test. I started the process over three weeks ago and failed the emissions test which I need to get to re-new my licence plates. Had to get a whole new exhaust system (I don’t want to even say how much) with a very expensive catalytic converter. Got that done and failed the test again. $20.

I posted on Facebook about my trials and tribulations when I got pulled over last Sunday morning on my way to work and charged with expired stickers. $110. I’ve been getting a slew of advice about additives and gas. No mechanic said to use additives or anything about gas. They said ‘it hasn’t been driven around enough’. I got temporary stickers, $15, and drove it all week, worked Saturday and Sunday; an hours driving per day.

Monday morning I filled up with Premium gas, $40, and drove to a far away Canadian Tire sure I would pass. Failed again. This time it was $30.


I drove it back to the garage that fixed it. A few sensors haven’t ‘kicked in’. He said “do NOT put in any additives as that might affect the test” and my gas tank was too full; it should be about half full.  I have to do ‘drives’ the correct way….. so complicated I had ask for a print out.

While I was waiting for the mechanic to check it out, there was a woman waiting who was dressed in old sweat pants and her shoes looked more like slippers. She started talking, very pleasant and smiling although she had no teeth. She was hoping there wasn’t much wrong with her car because it was her mentally challenged son’s 16th birthday and she was taking him and his friends to paintball. All money she had was going to his birthday party.

That sure knocked the self-pity right out of me. Today I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home. We’ve had no snow yet and its warm and sunny. If I was going into work I would be grouchy as hell but I’m feeling grateful instead. I hope to put away the last of my firewood into the woodshed and couldn’t get better weather for November.

One way or another this will get done. But for today I’m not going to worry about it….. although I should go for a ‘drive’.: