I’m 65!

65Yahoo! I made it! I’m 65 years old today!

Last night I worked; got a cupcake and sung Happy Birthday to.  After 4 years they still don’t know that I don’t eat eggs and so don’t eat cupcakes. 002

Thanks, guys, but I’m looking more forward to the cheese bread than a soggy cupcake.

I’m off today; going to stay warm and cozy and have lots of good treats. There is one job I want to do, cover the living room windows with plastic. They are very drafty and it makes huge difference. I’ll check Facebook every once in a while for HB’s.

Tomorrow my sister is taking me to TOWN to do some shopping while my car gets ‘fixed’ and I’ll come home with some take-out Indian food. Too bad the car repair has put a damper on my shopping spree.

Working all weekend which is OK…… I still need that money! I get my first OAP cheque next month…… oh, boy, I love Canada! (Even with its strict emissions rules.)

Hopefully I won’t get caught driving without stickers. They shouldn’t bother until the end of the month. Another e-test Monday and new stickers, I hope.  I’ll have on my snow tires and be ready for winter!

Well, time to go enjoy my day. I honestly wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!