Honk! Honk!

Honk! Honk!  My post about my car didn’t make it into the reader yesterday. I even tried publishing it twice.  The link worked but I guess no one wanted to read about my car repairs….. imagine that!

It’s going to cost me a whole lot of money to give me the right to honk my horn. I don’t even need a repair…. my car failed the emissions test so I have to get a new exhaust system. It make me sick.  If I lived a down the road, across a bridge, I would not have to have an e-test and would not need an expensive ‘repair’.

Of course I tossed and turned and thought about if I should stay on my job another year but I just can’t….. the thought of it is just too depressing. I thank God I’m in the position that I can quit. I’ll have very little money but I’m sure I can make it. I can even chip away at this ‘repair’ on my credit card.

Whenever you are looking forward to something, life sneaks up behind you and kicks you in the ass.