4.25 Hour Shift

Because it’s so slow at the grocery store I work in, our hours have been cut short. I was ‘lucky’ enough to have 3 shifts this week, next week I have only two five-hour shifts so a 10 hour work week. Most people are grumbling about this although they already know that is the nature of this job; crazy in the summer, slow in the winter.

I don’t care. In fact, the last shift I cut it even shorter.

It was pouring rain and we hardly had any customers so the owner told me I could leave when I was finished. I took every short cut, cut every corner on the floor and just washed the dirty part in the middle. And why waste 15 minutes up in that horrible lunch room when I can eat my sandwich on the way home?

Like a bat out of hell.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “shortcut/cut short.” Use one, use both, whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy!