Lately I’ve been a little bugged by the “I’m so blessed” conversation which is permission to brag but since the prompt today is ‘gratitude’ I must say, “My cup runneth over”.

In two months I retire. I don’t have a great pension but my wonderful government adds on an income supplement for those of us with no other pensions and little CPP. For that alone I’m so grateful. It’s not much but I can get by.

I own my house and have no debts. There’s been help along the way, which I’m so very grateful for. Ten years ago I left my decaying ‘dream’ home when my marriage fell apart. Since we had a business together, I lost my home, job and mate all in one day.

With him there was no hope of retirement. I would still be working everyday, while being nagged and yelled at, with no end in sight. Instead, I’m here, in my own home, retiring.

Another reason I am so grateful is good health. Sure, I eat healthy and exercise but that doesn’t mean I won’t get cancer, a stroke or a heart attack.

(phone rings, it’s Sobeys)

Funny how the younger people are sick on Sunday mornings so often. At first I asked what shift? Noon to 7:00. That’s breaking out the buns and bread for the next day (in and out of the freezer with heavy boxes) and closing (cleaning). I said no. I did it, I said no. I almost called them back and said OK but I wrestled myself down.

I’m so grateful to have a savings account, a warm, cozy home and can say no.