Seasonal Living

When people ask me what I’m going to do when I’m retired my response is ‘it depends on the season’. My lifestyle changes along with the season.

Right now I’m all about firewood. There is a pile in my driveway delivered two weeks ago and I’m moving it into the woodshed on the other side of the house. It looks overwhelming but it’s really isn’t if you just chip away at it. I take three wheelbarrow loads and dump it into the woodshed then stack that. I can do that for about two or three hours.

The teacups above my cupboard get pushed back for boughs of autumn leaves. I have a string of LED lights up permanently for the teacups, autumn leaves then pine boughs later on. Christmas I add waving Santas and little snow-covered houses.

That’s when its time to get my Christmas tree. I have a tiny Suzuki hatchback and I must have a balsam tree because I keep the needles. Superstore has 5-6 foot Christmas trees that I can get in my car. I have to stuff it in so the top is beside me and the branches are over my shift stick. I laugh all the way home and hope someone sees me.

You must light up the gloom! It gets dark so early and the sun dips below a row of cedars lining my driveway for all of December and January. I go crazy decorating for Christmas but by Jan.1 it has to go. Decorations after Christmas are like a Walk of Shame.

January is bleak.

By the end of January the sun is starting to hit my couch bit by bit, a little more each day. Jigsaw puzzle season. With a movable table and board I can position myself to catch the rays.

But I like the snow (as long as I can stay home and work on a jigsaw puzzle) and like that the garden and shrubs beds are over and hidden away. That’s what makes spring so enjoyable….. watching it come back to life. It wouldn’t be the same to have it all year around.

Now summer is another story. I’ve been working summers for a few years watching my gardens and landscaping get worse and worse. I hope to change that this year.

I want to add that I live by myself and not many people come here. The decorating is all for my personal enjoyment and part of my seasonal lifestyle. It gives me something to look forward to.


The worst thing about SoC is going back and seeing all the ‘I’s. That’s what I do when I edit; try to cut out all the ‘I’s!


3 thoughts on “Seasonal Living

  1. I have a lot of I’s in my SOC posts, too. Oh well. I leave my Christmas decorations up well into January taking them down a little at a time. Sounds like you really enjoy decorating!

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