Release Me!

“Puleeeeze release me….. let me go…. for I don’t love you anymore.”

The pressure is on. I want to split up with my job: it’s making me unhappy but it’s hard when we have our good moments and maybe I should just try to make things work.

My plans have been to retire Dec. 31 but…..

Minimum wage is jumping from $11.40 to $14.00 on Jan. 1.

Now they are offering benefit packages for dental, glasses and insurances starting Jan. 1.  We have to pay but it’s still worth it.

Our newest staff member was once the supervisor for all Sobeys’ bakeries. She retired last year and got bored so she works a couple of days a week with us. A couple of days ago she took me aside and said that I should consider staying on because I was such an ‘asset to the company’ and not many people can decorate cakes. She said I have leverage and can ask for whatever time I want.

This is like Satan luring me in; flattering me, mixing truth with lies.

We are very slow right now, the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I went in she had already done my ‘dishes’ (funny they still call it that, there are no actual dishes) and taken the cardboard boxes away to be crushed. The counters were all cleared.

I had a cake order: a birthday cake for a two-year-old with a Halloween theme. I air-brushed it orange, trimmed and wrote in purple and put on some decorations: cartoony smiling Frankenstein, a witch and a couple of Jack O’lanterns.

I still had some time since they cleaned up so well (and both left early, yay) so I made up some different colours of buttercream for Halloween cakes. Orange, purple and a disgusting green.

Washed my own few dishes, sliced and bagged the breads in paper, barely had to touch the floors they were so clean. Drove home on dry roads into a breathtaking sunset.

See what I mean? Satan dressed up like a mom inviting you into her kitchen. If all shifts were like that I would most certainly stay on.

Then I remember winter driving and the Hell that summer is there. Being called in all the time because someone is sick or didn’t show up. I know I can say no but it feels shitty.

It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend who’s now being so loving and nice,  promising they’ll change and everything will be great in the future……… then in a few months everything is the same and you’re kicking yourself for being talked into staying.

“Pulleeeze release me, let me go for I don’t love you anymore. To waste our lives would be a sin: release me and let me live again.”

3 thoughts on “Release Me!

  1. I started drawing my SS this year at 62, but I can still make up to a certain amount and it not affect my earnings. So I still work because I only work part time and it doesn’t affect me. My options are better than yours though because I’m self employed and work on my own schedule. Decisions decisions! Hope you figure it out. They keep dangling a carrot in front of you! Lol! ~Elle

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