Risky Business

Watching The Deuce on HBO I can’t help thinking its a grown up version of Risky Business. James Franco is the perfect foil to the young, naïve goody two-shoes Tom Cruise. They both have captivating boyish smiles but there is so much more behind James Franco’s character, Vincent. While living and working amongst vice and greed, pimps, prostitutes and thugs, he manages to maintain his integrity and treats everyone with respect.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is certainly risky with her character, Candy. She bares all. No fake pumped up boobs here, they’re small and real. She takes some ugly pounding to tell the story of a hooker losing her youth and heartsick at what her life has become.

They are both incredibly good actors.

Today’s prompt is ‘risky’ and that’s what popped into my head last night watching The Deuce, “This is an adult ‘Risky Business’!”.

The second thing that popped into my head before I could even get the first pop written, was that wave of anxiety I get when I think quitting my job and living off of OAP. It’s risky but I’m doing it anyway. Worse comes to worse, I could go back; that would be ‘worst’. Maybe find summer work closer to home. with no polyester pants or stupid hat.

I hope I can get by on what I receive from the government. It’s risky but its a great relief to think I don’t have to drive in bad winter weather to clean the bakery at night. I won’t have to leave my cozy warm home, put on that horribly uncomfortable uniform, drive out to those fluorescent lights and mind-numbing music, clean stacks of trays and scrub the floors. Of course they are going to miss me…. they will have to do more closing shifts themselves!

A number of people have told me I will get bored and go back. HA! I can’t imagine having nothing better to do than be there. That’s just sad.

But, money aside, it is better than being a prostitute, although being a prostitute is riskier.