An Ordinary Life

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything: the prompts have been too much of a stretch and I’ve been busy in between working. Some of its good busy, like having a new bathtub put in last week and going to my niece’s for Thanksgiving on Saturday.

I worked Sunday and Monday of the long weekend. Tuesday I went to The City to shop because I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. Luckily, my nephew’s wife lent me a great dress but I needed stockings and really wanted to buy some shoes now that I have a good excuse.

Yes, money has been pouring out of my savings account giving me waves of anxiety followed by hot flashes but I remind myself that’s what I’ve been saving for and I’m OK, I’m OK.

Work has been steady as two girls have left us so I’ve been getting 4 shifts a week, which is good, I need the money but I’m getting frazzled. I haven’t had a day to just stay home and relax in a couple of weeks.

To make things worse, they had on country music at work last night which is torture if you don’t like it. And I really don’t like it.


I read this then I’m a little embarrassed…… oh poor me.

So many people have lost everything and have nowhere to go to get shelter, water or food. Here at home so many people are leading “quiet lives of desperation”.  I complain my life is dull and uneventful but compared to others its peaceful and stress-free. I realize how lucky I am for my life to be so uneventful.

I saw Oprah on Ellen and she said something along those lines but she says it better. She said that our ordinary lives are our best lives. Everyone, everywhere in the world,  just wants to go home at the end of the day, eat a good meal, live in peace, not be sick…… ordinary life. That’s something we are fortunate to have.

So, everyone, I wish you a peaceful, ordinary life!

This is my dream come true;


Now when I’m working at night, scrubbing those floors, I remember my new tub and it makes it all worthwhile.

I promise I’ll never complain again.