Popular; Me

Not to brag but I’m the most popular at work right now. Luckily the prompt gave me a lead-in to my post.

I complain a lot about work. That’s part of why I write a blog: I live alone and have no one to complain to so I write down my complaints and you can read it or not. If you follow my complaints you’ll know I get called in for a lot of extra shifts because of unreliable young people.

It makes me grouchy. Last week I had Thursday and Friday NIGHTs thrown in then they called me Thursday morning to come in even earlier. By Friday I was in a bad mood and told them, with my finger pointing, not to call me Saturday.

I wrote in Stream of Consciousness Saturday how absolutely ready I am to retire.


Later in the afternoon the phone rang: it was Sobeys.  My co-worker said, in a sickly sweet; “helloooo”.

I said “WHAT?”.

She said, “We just called to tell you we love you!”  My boss was calling ‘hello’ and laughing in the background.

Wasn’t that nice? Let me tell you, it felt good.

I’m popular.