SoCS: Do/Dues

Do I want to retire? Hell, yes! I’ve paid my dues.

Well, actually I haven’t paid a lot of dues in the way of taxes but then I won’t be drawing any great dues, either. Enough to quit this job, though.

My only shifts now are ‘closing’ the bakery which means cleaning the bakery. It’s hard work. I get called in for extra shifts all the time because of our unreliable young people. I’m not saying all young people are unreliable but ours are.

There is an older lady (my age) with us now (she will be reliable) who used oversee all Sobey’s bakeries in Southwest Ontario. She retired this year then a few months later asked my boss if she could come and work with us a couple of days a week. She told me, “Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I got bored.”

Oh, please let that happen to me. Imagine having nothing to do? Then imagine “so I’ll work at Sobeys?” I can’t. I can’t imagine it.

In her defense, she was working full time her whole life and hasn’t learned to do anything else with her days. Not the case with me….. working at a job just takes up my time.

Of course, she will never have to do the closing shift. She’s paid her dues to Sobeys.

I’m glad it’s been hard lately because it’s helped me confirm that I’m not staying on ‘a couple of days a week’. I’m not driving in the winter and closing the bakery. They cannot call me because 1 of 3  called in. Sure, I can say ‘no’ but then I feel bad for who ever is stuck. Either way it puts me in a bad mood.

I can hardly do this anymore: I’m so sick of it. I’ve paid my dues….. I’m almost 65 and I have lots of better things to do.