The Edge of Glorious

It’s starting; the trees are turning. The solid green background out my window is getting texture and depth with different shades of orange, burgundy, and gold. Soon it will be glorious.

But not today. Today is cloudy, hot and drizzling. Normally I would be quite happy about a day inside, having worked last night but a visitor is coming today who has never been here and we will be stuck in the house.

Yes, I’m having a visitor. This is a very rare thing…. as in never. I’m way out of my comfort zone having company. And it’s for two nights!

Two nights, two days. It’s been glorious summer beach weather all week. Now we are in for two yucky days then its going to be glorious beach weather for another week. But these two days have to be wet.

Damn. I wanted to get this gal out walking as much as possible because she talks. She talks and talks. And I have a feeling something is going on in her life because of her sudden urge to visit me when I haven’t heard from her in years except in Facebook.

She sent me message via Facebook on Thursday asking if she could come for the weekend. I didn’t see it until Friday morning and that was the next day already. I told her I had to work Sunday so she said she would come Monday, which is today.

We were friends many years ago, when I was young in Toronto but never really close. We were in the same circle of friends. Thanks to Facebook I re-connected with my old friends and we’ve had a few re-unions. She was at one of them but we didn’t speak much. A year later she phoned me and talked. And talked and talked. It was an hour and half easily. I was switching ears and getting tired, waiting for a space to hang up.

That was about six years ago. Now, out of the blue, she’s coming here today. Why? I wonder.

That’s why I’m worried about being stuck indoors. Why can’t it be glorious today and/or tomorrow?

Am I too hopeful that she might like Scrabble? Will she talk over the TV at night? Then there is the morning……. OMG in the morning she will be here when I get up!

However, I’m hoping for one thing and I’m sure this is going to happen: a glorious sunset over the lake. It’s supposed to partially clear up this afternoon and that makes the best sunsets.

I sure hope we still like each other by then.

Post post script; Now I can’t tell her I write a blog. This is a good thing. To those of you starting out; don’t tell your friends or family about your blog because one day you will want to write about them.