It’s Evolution, Baby

I don’t talk much about being vegetarian and never bug anyone about eating meat. People are going to eat whatever they want. But now that the prompt is finding a word with ‘vol’ in it, I must say; ‘It’s evolution, baby!’. It’s what we need to do as a species to help save the planet: it’s not just our cars that are polluting.

It’s also the evolution of our species, spiritually. Even though many still eat meat, great lengths and much thought has gone into how they are slaughtered ‘humanely’.

I’ve watched the evolution of vegetarianism! When I first started (which wasn’t one day or week, it was a gradual falling away) people used to say things like, “You’ll die!”  Now its common and even thought to be healthier.

But I cannot be smug because the evolution of vegetarianism has surpassed me with a new generation of vegans. And here lies another reason I don’t bug people about eating meat; I love dairy. I love cheese and paneer, sour cream, yogurt and BUTTER, lots of butter. I only used to like seafood because you dipped it in butter.

Habits are much harder to change as you get older. They are deep grooves walked in for years and years. The older you get, the harder to climb out. I often wonder if I would be vegan if I was young and starting out in life.

But I’m not.