Summer Crescendo

Last week the tourist frenzy reached a crescendo on Sunday when the hoards swooped in and looted our bakery. They emptied the bread and bun shelves and took the cakes faster than….. (trying to say it nice and not what I’m really thinking) ….faster than the slow person could re-fill it. I went in a 5:00 p.m. and it wasn’t over yet.

I’ve noticed, having lived in a beach community for a few years, that the summer doesn’t slow down towards the end but goes into full tilt and reaches a crescendo as if everyone is desperate for their last chance to have fun. Driving around like the world is going to end tomorrow….. kind of like Dec. 24.

Monday afternoon it was over at the store as they drove out of the area en masse. I sang while I was on the road, “So long! Farewell! Adieu to you and you……!”

Tuesday…… peace. It’s so quiet here now…. the occasional car or delivery truck on the road I live on.  My hours are cut back so I can say, “I’m semi-retired.” That summer/work/hell reached its crescendo and it’s over! I never have to do that again!

Wednesday I drove to work right through the now quiet town. It only took me 25 minutes. I took the extra cake rack out of the freezer and re-organized so we can actually move around in there. I put out cakes and no one took any. Our regulars practically ignored us…. it was wonderful.

For the next couple of weeks I have hardly any hours at all and I’m fine with that. The fall is setting in…. firewood season, walking on the trail…… aahhhh…. I made it!

I’m also feeling fortunate to be in a safe place with so many tragedies unfolding around the world. The storms, the forest fires and the whole planet ending up in the hands of two crazy, stupid, delusional men……. how can that BE? How can they have so much power? It’s insane!

It almost seems as if we are reaching some crescendo. I hope it means a huge change in consciousness to make things better; a revolution, not an apocalypse.

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