When I Retire….

When I retire they won’t call me on my day off and ask me to come in as soon as possible. I will no longer feel any obligation to help them out or need to work that hard for so little money and appreciation.

When I retire everyday will be mine. I’ll have projects to work on instead of just ‘keeping up’ on my days off.

When they called me yesterday at 7:30 a.m., I groaned. It was the second time this week I filled in for someone. I can’t afford to turn down the money and I don’t like to leave my co-workers in the lurch.

When I retire I will not drive to Grand Bend in the summer unless I have to. I’m so sick of driving back and forth. At least after next week I can drive through town and cut down my time by 10 whole minutes. There are countless tourists, trailers, boats, Jeeps with stupid young people and bicycles on the highway with no bicycle paths. Sometimes the whole town is one, big traffic jam.

When I retire I will no longer wear polyester pants or a baseball cap. (I may wear the hairnet in the privacy of my home). I will not spend 7 hours under fluorescent lights, music and announcements. Peace and tranquility will prevail.

When people ask me, “Don’t you want to stay on for a just a couple of days a week?” my answer is emphatically, “NO!”. They will call me in at a moment’s notice. My scheduled days will be bad weather in the winter: that is how it goes. Then there is the summer….. the dreaded summer…… NO! Next summer I am not going there.

When I start getting my Old Age Pension in December, I will be so happy.



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy!



7 thoughts on “When I Retire….

  1. I changed my mind about retiring on June 21, 2024 to never retiring but when I read this post I think why not retire early all over again.

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